Levels of accommodation

At IGO Adventures we understand that not everyone wants the same accommodation on their trips. Some love a sleeping bag on the beach and others the comfort of a boutique hotel. We’ve developed a system to make it easier for you to distinguish between each type of accommodation, depending on the level of amenities that are available to you during your stay.

One accommodation style isn’t any better than the other, it’s all down to your own preference!

Wild Camping

The ultimate wilderness experience: basic but staying warm and dry. It’s most suited to lightweight expeditions. You can’t get any closer to nature than this, however you do sacrifice some elements of comfort to do it. Accommodation might be in a dome tent, a hammock strung up between two pine trees or a bivvy bag on a beach under the stars.

Eco Pod

One step removed from the wild compared to camping. This is longer-standing accommodation so there are a few more creature comforts. These can range from nicely fitted out bell tents, to yurts, eco pods, houseboats or even tree houses.


Still close to nature, these provide the highest level of comfort in our portfolio and are usually boutique hotels or lodges. Rooms are sometimes shared and sometimes private depending on the availability in each location.

Explore our adventures to see some of these amazing accommodations in their natural environment!

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