Adventures & Covid-19

What we've changed to keep you safe on your next IGO Adventure

Booking With Confidence during COVID-19

We understand that you might be nervous about booking any travel at the moment. We've taken a step back to look at all our trips, our operating procedures and come up with changes to keep you safe during your time with us and give you confidence.

The good news is that IGO Adventures has always gone off the beaten track to wild destinations. Far from crowds, out it the fresh air, exploring beautiful locations in small groups. As always, our primary priority is the health, wellbeing and happiness of our clients and staff, and we will continue to take any action necessary to support those travelling with us as fully as possible.

We're always an email or phone call away, so for a little extra reassurance do get in touch with any questions.

We are determined to ensure you are able to continue adventuring safely, with minimal negative impact to your experience with us. Here are the changes we're bringing in to help make that happen:


A guaranteed refund option if your trip is cancelled by us. We have been one of only a few adventure travel companies who have processed refunds immediately upon request. See our most recent reviews on this HERE.

We have created a 'COVID refund Guarantee' to ensure your money and trip is safe regardless of changes in the FCO advice. If you are to book a trip and in the month leading up to departure the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel to your destination we will offer you;

  1. The same trip but on a different date so that you do not miss out. 
  2. A different trip on the same or different dates where possible to the same value. 
  3. Full cash refund within 14 days of the request.

Please note that if the FCO advises against nonessential travel to the location you wish to go to, IGO will not go ahead with the booking.

Flexible Changes To Your Trip

We have relaxed our full payment and trip changing policy to be totally adaptable up to 1 month prior to departure. With 1 month to go until your trip starts, we will need to lock in your accommodation and certain services, permits, vehicle hire, guides time etc but before then you are free to pull out with a full refund or change the trip as you wish depending on your circumstances.

Reduced Deposit

We're reducing our minimum deposit amount to 10%, and shortening the period before you have to pay by to 30 days before departure.

Your money is safe

Any money paid to us by you prior to your trip is held in a separate account ensuring it doesn't get spent on new office furniture or pensions like other companies have been found to do. Some even paid dividends to shareholders with customer deposits! Not IGO. 

Most travel companies have a sliding scale for refunds meaning that generally speaking you will lose  something between 30-100% between 3 months and 2 weeks before your trip. 

We have decided to keep it much more simple! Our suppliers etc need to be able to plan ahead so we have set 1 MONTH prior to departure as a fixed date for all trips. Prior to this you will be entitled to a full refund including your deposit as well as changes to your trips duration, location and activities depending on availability of course. After 1 month we are all set to go and will not be able to offer refunds should you decide to change your mind. Of course, as mentioned above, should the FCO advise against travel - options a, b and c in our refund policy come into effect. 

In the current situation, we at IGO Adventures whole-heartedly support the national effort to stay safe. However, we can't deny that such restrictions put those of us in the travel industry in a rather tricky position.

We are fortunate that all our immediate team are safe and well. Everyone has been set up to work from home and, despite the reduced number of travellers, we are able to continue operating the business. 

If you would like personal advice about current or future holiday plans, or would just like to have a chat about travel, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

IGO are currently planning for trip departures from 1st September 2020

The UK government has removed restrictions advising against non-essential travel to 67 countries;  the need to quarantine on return to the UK after travel to these destinations has been removed. Whilst this is welcome news it does not mean that the world is open to unrestricted travel just yet as many countries still have both entry and travel restrictions in place.