Best Colleges in the UK for International Students

What are the top universities in England for international students?

Are you thrilled at the prospect of earning a degree from a university in the UK - or even studying abroad there? Does your passport have an empty page just waiting for that prized English student visa?

You will never be let down by these universities in England, as well as the friendships you form during your time there.

You are not alone in your decision. Each year, close to 500,000 students from different countries choose to come to England for their education. This is not surprising considering that England provides a comfortable lifestyle, high-quality education, and an opportunity to immerse oneself in an English-speaking environment. Whether you struggle with foreign languages or desire to enhance your English abilities, England is an ideal destination for you.Regarded highly by students for its top-notch quality, dependable turnaround times, and exceptional customer service with number sequence calculator, this essay service delivers customized academic assistance. Offering bespoke essays, thorough research papers, and comprehensive proofreading, it's designed to meet the individual learning needs of students.

Moreover, contrary to popular American belief, we do not excel in every aspect. In reality, we fall short in most areas. It is worth noting that not too long ago, the British had global dominance and established exceptional academic institutions to uphold their prestigious reputation. Rather than studying in the uninteresting United States, one has the opportunity to broaden their education by studying abroad and enrolling in one of these outstanding English universities, thus becoming equally knowledgeable and cultured as our British counterparts.

Why study at universities in England?

Attending college in England offers numerous advantages. Whether you are studying abroad there for a short period during the summer or a semester, enrolling in one of its exceptional schools will undoubtedly enrich your education, broaden your perspectives, and instill a deep admiration for its long history of influential governance. We have extensively discussed the many benefits of studying abroad, including the fact that it can greatly enhance your employability by adding valuable international experience to your resume, ultimately benefiting your career. This outstanding service with offers tailored assistance to students for essay writing and homework, providing expert guidance and a comprehensive array of resources. It aims to boost students' academic performance and refine their writing skills.

Consider studying at colleges in England to expand your education beyond traditional classroom settings and embrace a touch of royalty. Here, we present a list of highly regarded colleges in England, along with several recommended programs to guide you toward your desired academic path. Take some time to relax with a cup of tea and explore the possibilities.

Colleges in England are fit as heck!

Top colleges in England for study abroad

Okay, come over here now and find out which universities in England are highly preferred by American study-abroad students (and greatly impress their GPAs).

1. University of Oxford

When discussing the top universities in England, Oxford unquestionably stands at the forefront of every list. As the oldest university in English-speaking countries and the second-oldest continuously operating university worldwide, Oxford sets exceptionally high standards. In addition to impressive advantages such as access to the oldest university museum and the largest academic library system in the UK, Oxford boasts a remarkably diverse student body with one-third of its students hailing from foreign nations.

Oxford's worldwide influence is greatly attributed to the Rhodes Scholarship, an esteemed and long-standing international scholarship program. For more than a hundred years, Oxford has welcomed postgraduate students from various countries through this prestigious scholarship. It is a remarkable example of Oxford's enduring commitment to promoting study-abroad opportunities.

- Advantages: This place serves as the filming location for the famous Harry Potter series. Need I say more? You can truly experience studying at Hogwarts here.

- Negatives: Oxford consists of 38 independent colleges, which makes it challenging to choose a direction. Each college is responsible for its own admissions, academic concentration, and internal organization, which is quite remarkable but can also feel intimidating. However, the positive aspect is that you will never feel restricted at Oxford.

If you are interested in studying abroad in London, these colleges in England are regarded as the top choices for American students.

2. University College London

Situated in the heart of London's Bloomsbury district and being the first university established in the city, University College London is considered one of the best universities globally. Renowned for its excellence in science and being the alma mater of one of the individuals who co-discovered DNA, UCL provides a wide range of options and opportunities for its large student community.

- Advantages: UCL, referred to as London's "Global University," attracts a significant portion of its student population from different countries. This inclusive mindset is not a recent development, as UCL was the pioneer in England to have a completely secular education system and accept students without considering their religious beliefs, as well as being the first to enroll female students.

- Negatives: UCL is notably large with a student population of nearly 40,000, earning it the title of the third-largest university in the UK. While certain students excel in a vibrant academic atmosphere, others may prefer a smaller and more personal learning environment. It is crucial to carefully contemplate your preferred type of classroom and study setting before finalizing your choice of institution.

3. University of Cambridge

No compilation of British universities would be considered comprehensive without the inclusion of Cambridge. Established in 1209, Cambridge holds the distinction of being the second-oldest university in the English-speaking realm and the fourth-oldest university in continuous operation worldwide. Recognized as the second-best university globally and known for its friendly rivalry with Oxford, Cambridge's establishment was a result of a conflict between Oxford academics and the residents of the nearby town, leading them to establish their own university. Thankfully, their disagreement led to the creation of another prestigious university.

Oh wow, look at all those amazing castles, cathedrals, and even Kate Middleton!

- Advantages: Cambridge is a university that values diversity, boasting over 20,000 students and 8,000 international students from more than 120 countries. With approximately half of their graduate students coming from outside the UK, individuals interested in pursuing a Master's Degree in a foreign country should seriously contemplate studying at Cambridge.

- Negatives: It might be disappointing to study at a university that has the highest number of subjects ranked in the top 10 globally.

4. Queen Mary University of London

Established in 1785 and tracing its roots to the establishment of the London Hospital Medical College, Queen Mary University holds deep historical significance. It is among the top five universities in London and is recognized as a member of the prestigious Russell Group of British research universities. Renowned for its extensive contributions to global healthcare research, Queen Mary boasts a sprawling campus situated in the northeastern part of London. The campus, adorned with a palace and numerous historical structures, was inaugurated by Queen Victoria, making it an unparalleled destination for higher education.

- Advantages: Queen Mary University is truly an international institution, boasting a student body of more than 17,000 from 162 different nations. Apart from its excellent academic programs, what makes Queen Mary stand out among other London universities is its self-contained campus that fosters a strong sense of community amidst the bustling city. This is particularly appealing to international students who desire a genuine home-away-from-home experience.

- Negatives: Queen Mary University was previously recognized mainly for its medical studies, health sciences, and hospital administration concentration. However, in recent times, it has greatly diversified its curriculum and now provides an excellent education in various academic disciplines. Do not allow the emphasis on healthcare to discourage you from considering this prestigious institution for enrollment.

Embrace the complete Oxford style - utilize commas, wear shirts and shoes, consult dictionaries, and get educated in English universities located in England.

5. University of Kent at Canterbury

One of the prestigious universities in Britain can be found near the famous Canterbury Cathedral. The University of Kent at Canterbury (UKC) is highly regarded and has a student population of almost 20,000. It ranks as the 21st-best university in the UK and boasts research centers that draw scholars from across the globe. Despite its rural setting, the university is conveniently located just over an hour away from London by train. This offers the best of both worlds, allowing individuals to have access to the excitement of the big city without having to reside there.

- Advantages: The UKC is known as "The UK's European University" because of its strong connections to academic institutions in Europe and its diverse student population from 158 countries, with 41% being international students. If you are interested in studying abroad as part of your study abroad program, you can choose to go to one of their postgraduate centers in Athens, Rome, Brussels, or Paris. This concept is what we refer to as study abroad inception!

- Negatives: Founded in 1965, the University of Kent is the most contemporary university among those listed. Although attending a newer university may be exciting for some students, the majority of American students are eager to have the chance to study at a historic institution, considering the relative novelty of most things in America compared to Europe. There is something special about walking the same hallways as historical figures such as royalty, leaders, scientists, and academics throughout history, and this appeals to many individuals. However, if you are not particularly interested in history, attending a more modern university should not pose a problem.

6. University of Westminster

Do you want to be in the center of London but also have access to nearby parks like Hyde or Regent's Park? Then you should consider going to the University of Westminster! This public university originated from the Royal Polytechnic Institution, which was the first of its kind in the UK. With four campuses in London, the university is known for its excellent research facilities, particularly in the field of communication and media research. It's an ideal place to be for anyone interested in being at the forefront of Facebook research!

If Alexander Hamilton was able to receive a scholarship to King's College, then I believe that you also have the potential to do so.

- Advantages: The University of Westminster is an internationally recognized institution with a diverse student body of 20,000 and a wide range of over 300 international programs. These programs offer various options such as complete degree programs, semester or summer study abroad opportunities, student exchange programs, postgraduate study abroad options, and even internships abroad. If you are seeking to enhance your international experience, the University of Westminster is the ideal choice for you.

- Negatives: Unfortunately, classes at the University of Westminster do not take place within the premises of Westminster Abbey, despite its name. It is disappointing because many of us would have enjoyed the opportunity to study among the relics of esteemed figures like Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Charles Dickens. However, this privilege is only available during a tour of the Abbey.

7. London School of Economics

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), founded in 1895, is a renowned university in the United Kingdom. Situated in the historical Clare Market area in central London, LSE is well-known for producing successful graduates across various disciplines. It holds the distinction of having educated the highest number of billionaires in the world. LSE graduates reportedly earn more money than graduates from any other UK university, making it an attractive choice for those seeking financial success.

- Advantages: If the possibility of becoming a billionaire isn't convincing enough, LSE also boasts the highest proportion of international students among all UK universities at 70%. Their student body represents over 160 countries, surpassing the United Nations in diversity, with a total of 100 different languages spoken here. Are you prepared to register now?

- Negatives: Despite being referred to as the London School of Economics (LSE), this institution does not solely concentrate on economics. LSE actually consists of 25 academic departments and institutes covering a wide array of subjects. It is worth noting that LSE holds an impressive second-place ranking globally in the field of social sciences, just behind Harvard. Therefore, do not disregard this exceptional university solely based on its name.

It's possible that you might come across Hugh Grant, or even better, Colin Firth.

The subsequent actions required to enroll in a university in England.

Once you have identified a few schools or regions where you would like to study, it is important to narrow down your choices. We wish you Good Luck!!!

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