We believe that anyone has the potential to take part in an IGO and have a wonderful team of experts at our disposal to help get you fit and ready to become part of the team.
We have created a programme that takes a holistic approach to your preparation from a full medical MOT to a bespoke training plan. We also have specialists available in all the disciplines involved so that you can perfect your technique and avoid injury.

Hugh is passionate about sports medicine and using fitness for health promotion. Having graduated in Medicine from Imperial College London, Hugh has since completed his Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners and also holds a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine from the University of Bath.

Coyne Medical

With 15 years experience in physiotherapy and a hunger for continual acquisition of knowledge, Joe is highly respected in the sports medicine community. His passion for sport and fitness combined with his clinical interest in injury rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, nutrition & wellness means he is a thought leader in the musculoskeletal health and fitness industries.

Beyond Health

The mental strength required for endurance challenges is often under looked, yet is one of the most crucial parts of the preparation. Former British Army Officer, international oarsman and Harvard Business School graduate, Sandy has been running performance development programmes for over 25 years and, as an expedition leader himself, knows what it takes to push yourself to the limit

Peak Dynamics

Paul Gascoyne is a competitive triathlete: 7 times Ironman, Xterra competitor and all round adventure racer. Paul coaches the London Dynamo, the capital’s largest cycle club, and also provides the best standard of personal training, sports injury therapy and nutrition consultancy to clients around the world.

UCan Fitness

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