The benefits of adventure: setting goals and achieving them!

When you tell someone that you are an adventurer/explorer, you are often faced with a wry smile and a ‘unassuming’ question of “oh, that’s great… What do you actually do?”

Our lives are becoming increasingly taken over by technology – we spend almost every waking hour in front of a keyboard or a screen. Is that really how you want to spend everyday on this planet – especially as we only get one shot at it?

Over the next few weeks, IGO will be letting you know why living your own adventures is actually extremely beneficial for your work/ workforce. We AREN’T suggesting that you leave work (mortgages don’t pay themselves), but we do suggest that you try something a little different for one week each year!

First up: Goal setting

We have all heard about the importance of goal-setting; in our personal, professional and fitness lives.

Everyone knows it; exercise is good for you. That cannot be argued with. But how many people go mindlessly to the gym day in, day out, without having any sort of goal or target to aim for?

As perfectly captured by Nike’s new marketing campaign, there needs to be a shift away from just exercising and towards training. Some people might argue that they are one and the same, but I believe that whilst exercise can stand alone, training requires a goal, a target, something tangible to aim for. All top-level athletes, successful business people and high achievers are constantly setting themselves goals. Not only does having a goal fuel your ambition and hold you accountable for failure, they tell you what you really want and how far you are willing to push yourself to get there.

Most of us have big dreams that seem impossible to accomplish, and it’s easy to be disheartened or disillusioned by the scale and size of your aims. But with a few simple steps, anything is achievable if you set your mind to it.

  1. Pick something that you really want to do – perhaps it’s a marathon in a stunning location, or a multi-day event with a sport you’ve never tried before. If it’s something you don’t truly want to do, training will become a chore rather than enjoyable.
  2. Make sure it’s far enough in advance that the training window is sufficient, and sign up! Making that first commitment will be a huge motivating factor when you don’t feel like getting out for that run or hitting the gym.
  3. Break your big goal down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Chosen a triathlon but not a good runner? Start with a 5K and work up from there. Kayaking in Montana but not comfortable in moving water? Get yourself a lesson with an expert who can help you hone your technique before going out to practice alone. IGO have a range of experts – from yoga to swimming – who can help prepare you for an event.
  4. Get out there and do it!

What’s stopping you from taking the plunge? Take that first leap of faith into the unknown, shoot for something you thought was impossible, and prove yourself wrong by achieving it. The sense of satisfaction will be unrivalled.


Looking for your next challenge? IGO’s expeditions in Montana (12 – 20 August) and Morocco (1 – 8 October) might just fit the bill…

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